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Authentication Creating a Secure Session Authenticate.life provides authentication and access for all public users. When users first arrive and request public medical information they are directed to Authenticate.life     Click to Authenticate     Simply click the blue button or press the Space Bar or Return Key on your keyboard. This creates an anonymous account for browsing medical reference data without requiring a username or password or signup. This account is called a Secure Session. A Secure Session can only be accessed by the computer and web browser that created it. It exists until a user quits the browser or clears the browser history or logs out at MySession.life Authenticate.life creates Secure Sessions by providing a user's web browser with a Session ID. A Session ID is a datestamped sequence of random characters like the one below. 2021-01-10-08:27:03_qRsPCiLvJy48 o1donTCHaUzielsN1pj0RBa1iS5mWlnG ceA72a9bTlsp3nwO8xpuLGe61ysHz4u6 Bal1UcAnB1nT85ArM38f0R1vQmpfKL32 The Session ID is stored by the browser and used in each request for content from these domains... NIH.life · Clinical Trial Sponsors NLM.life · PubMed Journals NCBI.life · MedGen · BioProject · The Human Reference Genome
Domains... NIH   ·   National Institutes of Health NLM   ·   National Library of Medicine NCBI   ·   National Center for Biotechnology Information
Deleting the Session ID Logging out at MySession.life deletes the Session ID and ends the session.
Session History Secure and Anonymous Users can view their Session History in the top right corner of the page or at MySession.life Session History icons appear in      the top right corner of the page once a user is authenticated. Moving the mouse over the arrows opens the Session History. Clicking the arrows navigates. · Left goes back one page. · Right goes forward one page. Users with a computer and keyboard can press left and right arrows on the keyboard to go back or forward through the webpages of the Session History. How to Download the Session History Save a Tab Separated Text File MySession.life and the Session History let users download the Session History at any time. Just click Download Session History. Downloading the Session History creates a file named mysession.tsv like this...
Sun Dec 06 2020 15:14:56 GMT-0800 (PST) https://nlm.life/33235631 Downregulation of astrocyte elevated gene-1 expres... https://nlm.life/exp-ther-med Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine https://nlm.life/pubmed PubMed Journals https://nlm.life/immunology Immunology https://ncbi.life/M50116 Interleukin-12 https://nlm.life/33167816 Parental Drug Use and Family Reunification. https://nlm.life/psychiatr-serv Psychiatric Services https://nlm.life/20044582 Markov decision processes: a tool for seque... https://ncbi.life/medgen MedGen https://nlm.life/33239802 How Iceland hammered COVID with science. https://nih.life/sponsors Clinical Trial Sponsors https://nlm.life/pubmed PubMed Journals https://nlm.life/nature Nature https://nlm.life/29052630 Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge. https://authenticate.life Authenticate.life
Automated Machine Learning Processing Big Data Automated Machine Learning (AutoML.life) performs two of the most important services on OpenMD.life First, it processes the text and databases found at Utilities.life to create a hypertext ⇗ document with over 35 million webpages linked together. This is what many users on OpenMD.life are accessing and exploring. For more, visit Utilities.life In addition to creating links on pages AutoML.life travels from page to page making a map of medical information. Any user can Run AutoML.life from any page on OpenMD.life and it will traverse all the links on the page and all the links on the related pages to create a local neighborhood of medical information. Users can also Run AutoML.life on their own Session History at MySession.life Visit AutoML.life for more. The Controller and the Toolbar Cloud Desktop The Controller provides a compact and convenient list of frequently requested medical science Utilities containing over 35 million medical reference documents. Just Press C or X to launch a Controller The Toolbar at the bottom of the screen also provides access to OpenMD.life, Homescreen.life and the Utilities. Just Press T to launch the Toolbar Visit Controller.life and Toolbar.life for more. These free applications exist to serve life. Enjoy browsing OpenMD.life Fund Secure Browsing Secure Browsing is funded by Cloudfund.life Add Funds and grow this public enterprise service.
launch ⇗ Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council These systems apply best practices from the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council Launch Podcast ⇗ The National Academies of the United States of America OpenMD.life is based on the vision of a Learning Health System advanced by the National Academy of Medicine. Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling This page Browsing.life Print